New retailer: Everything Urban!

 It was then he realized he could, in the same way, use socks to start a million conversations around the world, in rooms he was not even present in, that carried stories that were his own, stories that meant something to others and that could connect people."

We are happy to announce the latest spot where you can shop your Akuko socks, along with many other cool outfits: EverythingUrban! Blackowned and Gothenburg-based, they are a platform for fresh and classic urban fashion. 

The above quote is from an interview with our founder Arinze Prosper Emegoakor, featured on the platform. He shares some of his experiences that led to the starting of Akuko, as well as some teasers about our upcoming collection that is inspired by Nsibidi - "the lost script" of Biafra.

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