Meet Akuko World, the brand using socks to celebrate Afro-presentism


If you have ever spent time looking at people’s sock wearing habits, for the most part, they are mundane and tralatitious. However, with their colorful bamboo socks,  Akuko World is making a boring wardrobe staple fun by providing a colorful African twist. Akuko World was created with the simplest of intentions — to inspire a sense of community by using socks as a conversation starter. The Founder, Arinze Prosper Emegoakor, Hailing from Nigeria — a country known for its vibrant designs and even more colorful culture — wanted to raise consciousness about African culture outside of the continent and empower the African diaspora. Since its inception, Akuko World has been having hundreds of individuals sparking fruitful conversations about community and culture. Ultimately, filling a void in the market for affordable, colorful socks promoting ‘afro-presentism’.

Those nice words come from the website of Black Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurship Group. BOBE GROUP is a Scandinavian based social community for Black owned businesses and entrepreneurs to network, collaborate and support each other.

On their blog you can find the full story about Akuko and many more stories about other creators and entrepreneurs. Read, be inspired, and support them!