Nze Prosper Emegoakor - People of Akukoworld

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Nze Prosper Emegoakor - People of Akukoworld

“I was born in eastern Nigeria, but have lived most of my adult life outside of the continent. It has been a long struggle for me to find the balance between staying connected to my roots and adapting to my present environment.

I was very aware of the stereotypes and expectations from an african in the diaspora. I was holding back, suppressing my true self, trying my very best to blend in. I perfected the art of navigating the society without attracting attention to myself.

While walking the streets of Malmö on a bright summer afternoon with my 8 years old son:
“-Stop running Nkemji, why can’t you just walk in a straight line, common son!” I yelled at him. Suddenly it struck me that a child needs to be a child. Damn it, I was projecting my fears of being judged by the society to my beautiful son. How can I teach him to be free when I am not free myself?

Right there right then I took the decision that my days of blending in are over. I am here and I want to claim my presence.”