Three black women in colorful dresses and african bamboo socks standing by a lake
african man squatting with checkered trousers, white sneakers and colorful socks in bamboo
Brogues shoes with black blue african bamboo socks
black girl on a swing with colorful african bamboo socks
Two men in african pattern dress socks with sneakers
Black woman and man with colorful African bamboo socks eating fruits sitting by a river in Malmö
Bamboo socks with African Pride
Designed in Sweden with love
The ogene collection

The Ogene Collection is inspired by Ogene, a musical instrument but also a tool used by the town cryer to call for gatherings in Igbo communities of eastern Nigeria.


Akụkọ premium quality bamboo socks let you express your style and story with every step. Akụkọ means “story” in igbo. With our roots in Nigeria and our feet in Sweden we create space for African stories and make sustainable and vibrant statement socks to carry our messages to the world.

Whether you want to add a colorful twist to your corporate wear, vibe up your streetstyle or add some style to your gym outfit, Akụkọ socks will make sure your day will be filled with positive energy!


PASSION FOR the planet

Our goal is to inspire. Even the smallest parts in life needs to be both sustainable and spark joy! Our socks are made of bamboo with patterns and colours inspired by the motherland.


Looking for a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones? Look no further, spell LOVE with your 4 favorite socks designs from Ogene collection.

The gift box is inspired by the four market days that makes a week in Igbo calendar: eke, oye, afor and nkwo.

two women in dresses and black african bamboo dress socks in heels sitting on stone black woman in white dress, blue african bamboo socks sitting in a tree
black woman with colorful african dress socks and heels lying down by a lake Black man with african dress socks and sneakers standing at a red brick wall
couple with black man and woman with suit, dress, colorful african bamboo dress socks sitting by water black man, black woman in red jumpsuit with african bamboo dress socks sneakers heels in nature
Hybrids of cultures & identity
Connect through the experiences of people from the African diaspora
we are akuko!

Listen my people,
we have stories to tell!