Our Story

illustration of five hands lifting up the continent of Africa
about us

With our roots in Nigeria and our feet in Sweden, we create space for African stories and design sustainable statement socks to carry our messages to the world. 

Made of bamboo, with patterns and colours inspired by the motherland, we are non-conforming, we are bold and we are proud. We are disrupting the industry with our trendy premium quality socks that are as kind to the environment as to our feet.

Akụkọ is much more than a socks brand, it is positive energy, it is the celebration of our differences, it is our legacies and our roots.  Akụkọ is a movement for change and empowerment.

Akụkọ means story/storytelling in the Igbo language of Nigeria. Share this journey, be part of the story!


Our vision is changing narratives and breaking stereotypes through storytelling, aesthetics, movements and styles - one pair of socks at a time, one story at a time.

The dream of a perfect world where people of African descent are empowered and celebrated (Afrofuturism) is a dream we wholeheartedly believe in and attempt to work towards with our brand. Akụkọ wants to make this dream a present reality by focusing on right now and right here. We highlight the black presence in the diaspora and our contributions to the society (Afropresentism).

We seek the truth about who we were, who we have always been and who we have become.

A man who studies the past understands the present and predicts the future. The time is now.  

illustration of sitting black children and african woman doing storytelling
illustration of two hands holding in a gesture of empowerment
the beginning

"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go further go together” -African proverb

We launched our first collection in the beginning of 2020 after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. We are committed to community building, that’s why we chose to crowdfund. We want to explore how far we can go when we unite.

Our success story showcases the strength of community. We are here because our products stand out and our vision is relevant, this made it easier for our community to rally behind us.

No matter how high we fly, how deep we swim we will never forget. Truly, there is power in unity.

the founder

Who is this guy?

Arinze Prosper Emegoakor was born and raised in eastern part of Nigeria, but has lived most of his adult life outside of the continent. His upbringing was filled with love, rich igbo culture and strength of community. He was introduced to storytelling by his late grandmother (Nne Okanumee) 

He is an engineer by profession but fashion and storytelling has always been his passion.

“Just like me, most people of african descent in diaspora struggle to find the balance between staying connected to our roots and adapting to our present environments. Akụkọ socks is our practical way of expressing ourselves and literally taking a piece of our roots into every room. Why blend in when we can stand out?”- Arinze

illustration of african man with beard playing ogene bell instrument
illustration of a boy sitting on a mans shoulder illustrating fatherhood
my story

- As a black man in the western world, I am fully aware of the prejudices and stereotypes about people of African descent. I lived with constant fear of being misunderstood or judged. I gradually perfected the art of navigating the society unnoticed. It was perfect until I started projecting the same fears to my son.

"No Nkemji! Stop running, don’t touch that, stop shouting!"

Those were my words to my son on the street of Malmö, he was just 6yrs old. I couldn't bear the sad look on his face, you see he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was just being a child. That broke my heart, how can I raise a free and liberated child when I am not free myself?

Right there, right then I made a decision! No more hiding, no more blending in, no more holding back. I am here and my presence will be felt.

Do you see me? I see you!

why socks?

- I have always worn colorful socks and I can't recall how many times I have received compliments about them. Finally I started thinking - What if I could convert each time someone comments on my socks to a moment of enlightenment? What if my socks could function as a conversation starter?

So I decided to design socks with some elements of my culture to get people curious about Mama Africa and her children all over the world.

Socks are an everyday item - most people own at least 10 pairs of socks. It is a perfect tool to spread stories and information.

On each pair of socks in our Ogene Collection, we have a poem written by a young and upcoming African writer on our socks packaging. There is someone somewhere in more than 30 nations on the planet earth reading our story at this very moment. That’s empowering!

illustration of two speach bubbles with a dress sock and the african continent
illustration of two feet with dress socks smelling good with flowers
did you know?

The home is a sacred place in the Igbo culture, it should be clean at all times. It is expected of everyone to take the shoes off when entering any home. The same goes for any person entering a Swedish home. Shoes off inside is an important norm in both Igbo and Swedish cultures.

We will see that which connects us is more than that which separates us!