3 tips on how to style colorful socks!


Fatim Sillah  Danish-born communicator with roots in Guinea and Senegal.

Oftentimes it is forgotten that socks are actually an accessory. Socks have become an everyday item that we naturally put on to keep our feet warm and cosy in our shoes throughout the day. Thus, resulting in many people opting for neutral solid colour socks, such as black, white, and nude. 

However recently it has become trendier to wear socks that stand out! Colourful socks or socks with prints are the newest craze in the fashion world. Accessories are meant to spruce up any outfit and give it a touch of personality. Socks can do just that. However, it can be tricky – so here are our 3 tips on how to style colourful socks!

Tip #1: casual with a touch of colour

A good way to start is to keep your outfit casual and let your socks shine through. Let your socks be the star of your outfit. This is a good way for new beginners to get more comfortable with wearing colourful or printed socks. When your outfit is more subdued, it allows you to pick any colour socks you would want. So, if you’re getting dressed for a casual day out with friends or family, then it would be the time to pull out those unique socks that you have been dying to wear!

Tip #2: matching outfit, matching socks

Another tip is to match your outfit with your socks. Your socks can reflect the rest of your outfit by matching a detail from your outfit with your socks. This ensures that your outfit will look more uniformed, and not messy. You could start by matching your socks to the base colour of your pants for a more cohesive outfit. We encourage you to go through your clothes and your unique socks – and get matching!

Tip #3: colour clashes

Our last tip is to watch out for colour clashes when adding colourful or printed socks into your outfits. If your socks clash too much with your outfit, the ensemble might end up looking not so stylish. Bright and colourful socks can be tricky to style, but when done right it can take your outfit to the next level. Just like any other accessory, that shouldn’t down your entire outfit.

We hope that these are some helpful tips for beginners. Join the fashion trend and start by being unique today! 

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Join in on the fun – join in on the uniqueness. 

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