4 ideas for an indoor date night

4 ideas for an indoor date night

By Fatim Sillah

Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone!

Whether you are spending the day with your partner or spoiling yourself, we want to take the time to help you celebrate every moment. 

With the ongoing pandemic and most countries being on lock-down it is easy to lose sight of special occasions that we normally would celebrate, because the restrictions prohibit them. We have had to find creative ways to celebrate graduations, birthdays, weddings, and holidays while social distancing. 

At Akuko we want to help you continue to celebrate life, while still taking care of each other. Our colorful socks represent life and joy, so here are some indoor activities to do in celebration of Valentine’s Day whether you’re single or in a relationship; this is for our Akuko family!

Wine & Paint

Take yourself or your significant other on an indoor wine & paint date. You can buy most supplies for this date in most hypermarkets. Get dressed up and wear some fancy socks, and let your imagination flow free through a painting brush with vibrant colors. Perhaps match the colors to your colorful socks 😉.

At Home Spa Day

Have an at-home-spa day by following different beauty tips or tricks that you can find online. During these cooler temperatures your skin might need some TLC. A tip we can share for dry feet, is to apply an ointment (vaseline works wonders!) and cover it with some socks overnight. You will wake up to moisturized and soft feet. 

Vision Board

With most stores being closed off, and most people working from home it is easy to lose sight of your dreams and aspirations, so why not spend some time on gathering them on a vision board.

A vision board is a visual representation of your dreams. You will need some magazines to cut out images from and a board of course. Transform your living room into an arts & crafts atelier with some of your favorite candles and cozy socks. Spend some time with yourself or your significant other either discovering new dreams and goals, you would like to accomplish.

Favorite Day

How about on Valentine’s Day you do all your favorite things? 

You could order your favorite food, watch your favorite movie, listen to your favorite songs, wear your favorite sweater or socks. Spoil yourself and indulge in your favorite things for a whole day.


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