Samantha - People of Akukoworld

Samantha - People of Akukoworld

“I have had this shop for 15-16 years now. I am here every day, Monday to Sunday. My children are grown now and I can’t afford to employ someone. It is a small shop but I feel like I have a whole Ikea here, haha!

This shop means a lot to me and my customers, it’s not only for the Africans. Of course I have the shop to make my money, but it means so much more. People have no money to buy food sometimes, then I support them. It seems like I became a mother, a sister, an auntie and even psychologist to many people. My granddaughter jokes about it and says I should charge them for it, hahaha! I think it is something with the way I talk, that they feel comfortable and they alway come back to get advice. The Lord put me here for a reason, there is a purpose.

People tell me that it is something with my energy. You know, someone can walk around here, up and down in the shop and not buy anything, then you know they want something else and I ask them how they are and they talk. Once there was this lady doing that. I asked her “Do you need help sweetheart?” She said she liked a dress so much but wasn’t sure if she should buy it. She was afraid her friends would make fun of her. I said “is the world coming to an end? Buy the dress if you like it, maybe it will also give them the encouragement to wear colorful dresses”. Sometimes the youngsters come here, they have problems with their family. That is why I have that chair that you are sitting on now. You sit there and I listen and give advice.

Another time there was this dentist doctor. She was sick with cancer and admitted to the hospital When she was discharged she came directly here from the hospital. She said that something told her to come here. She bought two dresses. She sat down on the chair and removed her hospital clothes and put on the dress and told me I was her mother. Yes, God put me here for a good reason.”

Samanthas afrobutik malmö is an important spot for our community here in Malmö. Not only for the variety of African food stuffs, colorful African clothes, hair products but also for the love and warmth that the owner Samantha Wilson gives to anyone that walks into her shop. Go experience it yourself!


Södra Förstadsgatan 91b, Malmö